Q: Why are references required?
A: Employers’references, Landlords’ references and credit checks are made to ensure that the applicant has the means to pay the rent and utility bills. In the case of Joint tenancy or multiple occupancy properties these checks and references also help to ensure that suitable applicants (socially and financially responsible persons) are accepted as tenants.

Q: What is fair wear and tear?
A: This is a difficult Tenant FAQ. Fair wear and tear is the normal deterioration of an item in normal use. A deduction will be made for fair wear and tear from the value of the original item. There are various methods of accounting for damages to be paid. We may advise the Landlord of the amount to be compensated and the methods to calculate.
However, the final amount payable is the Landlord’s decision. Where the damage is not too severe to require replacement, a charge can be made towards its premature future replacement. Mattress stains or iron burns on carpets that leave a permanent and clear mark will require replacement of the item.

Q: What happens before we leave the property? 
A: Another Tenant FAQ at the end of their tenancies. A final inspection of the property should be carried out to ensure that all possessions have been removed from the premises. The property is clean and tidy. Remove all junk mail and black bags containing rubbish generated in the clearout. All carpets should have been vacuumed as well as under any moveable furniture. The original lampshades fitted with working light bulbs. Bedroom doors wiped down. Wardrobes, chest of drawers and desk are emptied and dusted. All floors should be swept and mopped.
Bathroom toilet de-scaled, shower curtain washed and rehung, bathtub, sink and taps are de-scaled and cleaned. Bathroom and Kitchen wall tiles and grout cleaned. Kitchen appliances degreased and thoroughly cleaned. The fridge and freezer are to be switched off, the freezer defrosted. The fridge and freezer must be emptied and cleaned. The doors of the fridge and the freezer are to be free of labels, magnets and stickers and be left ajar. Remove all stickers, posters, blue tac and/or cellotape from all walls.

Q: What is the Landlord responsible for? 
A: Your landlord is responsible for:
Repairs to structure and exterior of the property, heating and hot water installations, basins, sinks, baths and sanitary installations.
The Safety of gas and electrical appliances provided.
The fire safety of furniture and furnishings provided by the Landlord.
Maintaining the house in a habitable condition.

Q: What is a habitable condition? 
A: The Housing Act provides guidelines as to determine whether a dwelling is fit for human habitation. Namely, the property has to be in good physical repair, free from damp, have natural light in each bedroom and living room, adequate ventilation, clean water supply, proper drainage and sanitary conveniences; to have facilities for the storage, preparation and cooking of food.

Q: What am I responsible for?
A: You are responsible for:
Prompt payment of the rent.
Prompt payment of gas, electricity, telephone and Internet bills.
You are also responsible for early reporting of damages and items requiring repairs.
You are required to be a responsible citizen and respect the needs of your neighbours.
You are required to return the property in the same condition as which it was let out. This will be based upon the inventory and condition report at the commencement of the tenancy.